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About Us


Boston University Alumni Association in Thailand (BUAATH) is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangkok, Thailand. BUAATH was found on November 17, 1983. with H.E. Pong Sarasin was elected the Founding President of the association comprising 17 committee members.

We actively engage with prospect BU students from Thailand and connect alumni with our Alma Mater. We aim to foster positive relationship and build strong community.

Our History

Historical Bankground of Boston University, Alumni Association in Thailand

Prior to 1979, Boston University had sent a team to work with the American University Alumni Association (AUAA) in Bangkok to recruit students for their enrollment in its various Schools. However, in 1979, Ms. Carol Paolozzi, the then Director of BU Alumni Organization had contacted 2 BU alumni in Bangkok, namely: Luang Thavil Srethpanicharm (Thavil Kuptarak), SMG 32 and M.R. Ophas Kanchanavijaya (SMG 60, GSM 61), to invite BU alumni from the name list given by her for a "get-together party" at the Siam-Intercontinental Hotel, Rama I Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok (presently is site of the Siam Paragon Shopping Complex). The party took place at the end of 1980, about 20 Thai BU alumni were present then. That was the first meeting of the Boston University Alumni in Thailand.

Since then, Luang Thavil had started to organize the BU alumni Chapter in Thailand by contacting the BU official at the University and drafted the Constitution and By-laws based on those of BU Alumni Chapter in Japan. Unfortunately, Luang Thavil passed away in 1981, H.E Pong Sarasin (SMG'51) and M.R. Ophas Kanchanavijaya had, therefore, contacted Mr & Mrs. Charles Gordon to help in completing the unfinished draft and submitted to the National Culture Commission, Ministry of Education and the Police Department in the process to organize an Association in Thailand. Then Boston University Alumni Association in Thailand was officially instituted on 17 November 1983 (Permit No. 570/2526). The three original founders registered therein were: 

  • H.E Pong Sarasin

  • Mr. Pandit Bunyapana

  • Mr. Ophas Kanchanavijaya 

H.E. Pong Sarasin was elected the Founding 1st President of the Association and was re-elected consecutively from 1983 through 1993 (terms of 2 years each). Mr. Pandit Bunyapana (SMG'57) was elected as 2nd President (1994 - 1995). Sadly, he passed away before the end of his term, then H.E. Arsa Sarasin (SMG'59) continued to fill up the them as the 3rd President. M.R. Ophas Kanchanavijaya (SMG'60 GM'61) was 4th President during the term of 1995 - 1997 and H.E. Nassai Vejjajiva (SMG'54) was elected as 5th President in 1997 - 1999, while Mrs. Somnual Laohaprasit (GRS'70) was elected as 6th President in 1999 - 2003. Mrs. Ampapan Chearavanont was 7th President in 2003 - 2005, Mr. Prapoch Mayura (SMG'72) was 8th President in 2005 - 2007, Mr. Tira Sirikiatsoong is 9 th President in 2007-2009, and Mr. Subhajati Angsuvarnsiri (GSM'77) is 10th and the current President in 2009-2013.

The first BU Alumni Association in Thailand Committee comprised of: 

President: H.E Pong Sarasin

Vice-President: Mr. Pandit Bunyapana

Secretary: M.R. Ophas Kanchanavijaya 

Assistant Secretary: Mom Bongkojpriya Yugala 

Treasurer:  Mr. Udom Vichayabhai

Assistant Treasurer: Mrs. Somnual Laohaprasit

Social Activities: Mr. Angkhani Vorasaph

Registrar: Mr. Vuthichai Wanglee

Public Relations: Mr. Chanin Donavanik 

Asst. Public Relations: Mr. Tira Sirikiatsoong

Commitee Member: 

  • Dr. Suvit Yodmani

  • Miss Supari Varasumanta

  • Mr. Visid Wongboonchuchuai

  • Mr. Dejphol Phisanbut

  • Mr. Varavut Pachimsawat

  • Mr. Jersi Ting 

  • Mr. Nisan Prathanrasnikorn

In 1994, Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn had graciously accepted the invitation of our Association to be our Honoray Member, as she had taken some courses at BU while studying for her doctorate degree. All BU alumni are very appreciative of Her Royal kindness in this regard. 

Toward the end of 1986, President John Silber and his wife together with Trustee Daniel J. Finn came to visit Thailand and had an opportunity to join our Annual General Meeting and met with local BU alumni. On that occasion, Trustee Daniel Finn had given a symbolic BU golf trophy to the winner of friendly golf tournament playing among Asian Bu alumni as pledged by M.R. Ophas Kanchanavijaya earlier. Moreover, President John Westling who succeeded him had made several visits to Thailnad and had met with BU alumni on many other occasions in the past few years.

As from 1988 onward, BU Alumni Association in Thailand (BUAAT) has the honor to arrange for a Field Study of Thai economy, industries, and trade by touring various manufacturing/industrial companies and factories for graduate students from BU Graduate School of Management under the tutelage of Professor Y.S. Chang. 

In the past, BUAAT had donate to Trust Funds of various recognized Foundations such as "Princess Chulabhorn Foundation", "Chaipatana Foundation", and others for over Baht 3.0 millions. These funds were partly from the proceeds of Fellowship Golf and Bowling Tournaments as well as dinner talks organized by the Association. 

Apart from the above, BUAAT had also arranged study tour cum pleasure for our members to Petchbury and Prachuabkirikan, Chantaburi provinces, in addition to a visit to Zinc Mining Operation of Padaeng Industries Public Co., Ltd. in Tak Province, where BUAAT had given scholarships and stationery to needy students in the remote areas.

At present, BUAA is growing strongly and steadily with the objectives toward serving the public and our country by organizing many worthwhile projects as opportunity may offer itself, such as raising necessary funds for the Thai graduates of teachers to continue their studies or research projects at the Boston University, as well as organizing other projects which would be beneficial to BU alumni in Thailand and other Asian Countries. 

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